Access Equipment

Access towers come in single and double width.  Please specify which size you require when ordering.
Double width 1.8m x 1.4m
Single width 1.8 x 0.8m

Our selection of access equipment includes:

Access Towers

We Measure All Our Towers To Platform Height (Where Your Feet Are)
Alto Industrial Aluminium Towers Ladder Span Using 3T (Through The Trap Construction)

Platform Height ranging from 2.4m – 12.4m
Double Width Tower is 1.4m Wide
Single Width Tower is 0.8m Wide
Platform Lengths: Standard 1.8m
Long Platform 2.7m
Staircase Tower
Chimney Tower


Step Ladder 5-7 tread 2.0m
Platform Steps 12 Tread 3.7m
Double Ladder 20′-30′
Triple Ladder 42′
Roof Ladder 20′
Ladder Stay
Ladder Safe

Low Level Access Podium

Tressels & Boards

Masons Tressels
Decorators Tressels
Scaffold Boards 10ft & 13ft

Staging Boards

Staging Up To 24 Feet
Staging Safety Rails